1. Call to order
  2. Review and approval of meeting minutes from August meetings.
  3. Passing out and approval of financial reports from August.
  4. Mayor
    a. Jeff Herrera-building permit
    b. Pumphouse quote
    c. Municode
    d. RV Ordinance
  5. Water Department
    a. Cross connections
    b. Newsletter items-Christmas party date?
  6. Roads Department
    a. No Business
  7. Planning and Zoning Department
    a. No business
  8. Parks/Recreation Department
    a. Contract with Allie
    b. Sign for Spencer
    c. Party progress
    d. Sprinkler contract and funds
  9. Fire Department
    a. Gas tanks
    b. Wifi?
  10. Clerk
    a. Mosquito Abatement Position
  11. Adjourn meeting



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