Lynndyl Town Park

Lynndyl Town Park is located at roughly 50 East Center Street. Amenities include a basketball court, playground, swings, baseball field, and pavilion.

If you would like to reserve the park for an event, please fill out the Park Use Application on the  Forms page.

Park Rules

  • Our facilities are for all to enjoy.
  • Please clean up after use.
  • No littering.
  • Please obey city sound ordinances.
  • Please keep your dogs leashed.
  • No soliciting.
  • Our parks are for nonprofit use only.
  • No overnight parking or camping is allowed.
  • Park amenities are on a first-come basis if not reserved through the city.
  • Please reserve in advance and place a reserved sign in the pavilion with times listing reservations in advance of your event.

Something to keep in mind: you are on camera.

Lynndyl Cemetery

Lynndyl Cemetery is located at 150 East 100 North.

If you would like to purchase a plot, please contact the town clerk at